Fabio Bottazzo


sharp eleven cd

「Sharp Eleven」

Hideko Kimura (p, djembe)
Fabio Bottazzo (g)
Kazufumi Tsuchimura (b)
Shinichiro Kamoto (d, perc)

  1. My Signature
  2. Remembering Nino
  3. #11
  4. Nuvole Africane
  5. Pottery Sings
  6. Funky Personnel
  7. November Song
  8. Yokohama Mainstream

welcoming the day cd

「Welcoming The Day」(2014)

Amanda Tiffin (v, p)
Fabio Bottazzo (g)
Seigo Matsunaga (b)
Sebastiaan Kaptein (d)

  1. Dondolando
  2. Paesaggi in Movimento
  3. Silence
  4. Yise Wabant'a Bami [Father of My Children]
  5. Finding My Way
  6. These Things
  7. My Own Song
  8. Welcoming the Day
  9. Requiem

it's no coincidence cd

「It's no Coincidence」(2010)

Fabio Bottazzo (g)
Yasuhito Mori (b)
Sebastiaan Kaptein (d)

  1. Paesaggi in Movimento
  2. Nice Groove
  3. In un Giorno di Pioggia
  4. Brasil
  5. Umi
  6. Torna a Surriento
  7. It's so Cold Out There
  8. You're Cookin', Man

beginning blues cd

「Beginning Blues」(2007)

Fabio Bottazzo (g)
Satoshi Azuma (b)

  1. Midnight Blue
  2. Beginning Blues
  3. Volare
  4. Inventio 4
  5. Mala Femmena
  6. My Little Suede Shoes
  7. Sonnymoon for Two
  8. Gondola no Uta