Fabio Bottazzo

"Welcoming The Day"

Amanda Tiffin (v, p) Fabio Bottazzo (g), Seigo Matsunaga (b) Sebastiaan Kaptein (d) (2014)

In 2012 I started to take part in this very interesting international project called "a.s.k.", formed by musicians from all over the world: South Africa, Japan, Holland. This album was recorded July 2013 in a very beautiful and old Japanese country house in Miyawaka city (Fukuoka, Japan), during five days relaxing recording session. The philosophy of this new label, SHIKIORI Recordings, is to preserve the natural and acoustic sound of every instrument and recording environment, so if you really pay attention, maybe you can hear the "sounds" of that country, the voice of the cicadas, the neighbor dog barking and so on! The cover painting is from Japanese artist Yoshihiro Nakamura. Sound engineering by Katsunori Fukuoka (Fly sound).

Welcoming the day

"It's no Coincidence"

Fabio Bottazzo (g) Yasuhito Mori (b) Sebastiaan Kaptein (d) (2010)

My second album as a leader. Recorded and mastered at Saidera Paradiso in Tokyo by the famous sound engineer Ono Seigen (Miles Davis, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Quincy Jones, etc.). Six original songs composed by Fabio plus two guitar solo pieces ("Brasil", a well known standard song composed by A. Barroso and "Torna a Surriento", a famous Italian song). I used my D'Aquisto Jazz Line guitar and the tube amp in the studio (Vox amp). All photos & Design on the CD are by Tsunao Sakaguchi.

It's no Coincidence

"Beginning Blues"

Fabio Bottazzo (g), Satoshi Azuma (b) (2007)

This is my first album. Recorded and mastered June-July 2007 in Niigata city (Japan) by Akihiko Suzuki. This is a self-produced CD. We tried to keep the sound as acoustic as possible, using condenser mics and only a bit of amplified signal (from my Polytone mini brute amp). I love the timbre of my D'Aquisto Jazz Line guitar! All photos & Design of this CD are by Tsunao Sakaguchi.

Beginning Blues